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Re-learning, re-investigation, re-implementation ‖Warmly welcome the party secretary and executive vice chairman of Quanzhou Federation of Trade Unions Wang Maoquan to visit Minxuan for research and guidance

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On March 16, 2021, Wang Maoquan, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Executive Vice Chairman of the Quanzhou Federation of Trade Unions, led a team to visit Nan'an City to carry out the "re-learning, re-investigation, and re-implementation" activities. The first stop was our company Minxuan Technology. The investigation was carried out with the theme of "employee technological innovation work". Huang Yonghong, secretary of the party group and executive vice chairman of the Nan'an Federation of Trade Unions, Chen Zhenshan, chairman of the Fengzhou Town People’s Congress, and Chen Qiulai, chairman of the town labor union, accompanied the inspection. Our company's founder Zhu Bin and labor union chairman Yan Zhuling And Zheng Huating, director of the Economic Review Committee, received a warm reception.

Technological innovation of employees is an important part of an enterprise's innovation system and an important source for an enterprise to enhance its core competitiveness. For a long time, Minxuan Technology and the company’s labor union have attached great importance to employee technological innovation. Through a series of powerful measures, they have promoted the vigorous development of employee technological innovation activities, which have played a positive role in improving production efficiency, reducing production costs, and improving employee skills and quality. , The technical innovation of employees has become the source of vitality for the company’s reform and development. During the inspection process, Secretary Wang Maoquan and his entourage successively conducted on-site inspections of the company’s production workshop, R&D laboratory, standard verification laboratory, model worker innovation studio, employee activity room and other places to understand the company’s overall situation and inspect the company’s independent research and development. The testing equipment and technical innovation results of employees.

In the discussion, the founder of Zhu Bin focused on the innovation of employees and reported to Secretary Wang and his party in detail the achievements of the work over the years and the difficulties encountered in the process and the measures to overcome them at the three levels of technological innovation, service innovation and management innovation. This year, the company and the labor union have continued to increase the intensity of employee technological innovation and promoted the in-depth development of employee technological innovation activities. On the basis of continuing to promote the construction of model worker innovation studios, standardized talent homes, and carrying out a series of activities such as rationalization suggestions, famous teachers and apprentices, and skills competitions, a number of promotion measures and activity plans have been added, and a number of innovations have been added at the same time Reward and greatly increase the amount of rewards, for example, increase the number of employee shareholding teams, and set up innovation awards, rationalization suggestions awards, new product development awards, and other awards. At the same time, technological innovation results are also included in the shareholder team’s equity share evaluation, annual/quarterly The evaluation of outstanding employees, the award of best contribution of the year, and the performance appraisal of managers, etc., are used as bonus items to increase the proportion to fully guarantee the technological innovation of employees. Further create an atmosphere of innovation, expand the influence of innovation, improve the innovation ability of employees and the level of product technology, and effectively promote the construction of "Innovative Minxuan", and provide talents and technical guarantees for the company's high-quality development.


After listening to the report, Secretary Wang affirmed the company’s technological innovation work. Although Minxuan Technology is only a small and medium-sized enterprise with hundreds of people, it already has a group of high-level talents, craftsmen, May 1st labor medals and other high-skilled talents. He also expressed his appreciation for the right to speak in the market in the standardization work. At the same time, combined with the research situation, he made valuable suggestions for the development of the company and the construction of the labor union: The current Quanzhou machinery and equipment foundation is still relatively weak, but the development space is huge. Minxuan Technology pays attention to intellectual property rights and technological innovation. High-tech enterprises have large output of patented technology and strong research and development capabilities. Especially in the current limited production space, in order to ensure the continuous and rapid growth of enterprises, they must avoid current shortcomings and focus on new cooperation models. Under the premise that the plant and equipment remain unchanged, the convenience of tapping social resources is to plan production orders, and use professional technical institutions or qualified manufacturers to outsource processing to reduce the burden on enterprises. At the same time, he also mentioned that the development of enterprises depends more on the research and development of new products, new technologies, and new processes. Employees are the main force for innovation and development. The trade union must perform the service function of the "mother family" and give full play to the advantages of resources. “Going out” of employees’ technological innovation achievements and building a platform for docking transformation to build a bridge.

Finally, the founder of Zhu Bin expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Secretary Wang and his party for their valuable suggestions, and said: “Employee technological innovation is the most important source of innovation for an enterprise. It is in the trend of mass entrepreneurship and innovation. Minxuan Technology will also continue to study in depth, accelerate the transformation of results, improve innovation capabilities, continuously strengthen the construction of innovative talents, continuously improve the innovation work mechanism, and lead the company to achieve new breakthroughs through employee innovation, and cooperate with high spirits. Promote Quanzhou’s "14th Five-Year Plan" economic and social development to get off to a good start!".

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