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[Exhibition Preview] 2020 Minxuan Annual Exhibition Information

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Dear customers and friends:

The years are rushing, and the pace of time is further in the course of history. At this moment of saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new, we sincerely thank you for your support and trust for another year. "Don't forget the original intention, and move forward" is the label of Minxuan Technology's struggle in 2019. 2020 is still a year of hard work for us. Standing at a new starting point, embarking on a new journey, sounding the horn and continuing to forge ahead, we are sincerely working with you to make new achievements and make new contributions to a new round of development. The following is the exhibition information of Minxuan Technology in 2020, and we sincerely invite you to visit the company's booth for guidance.

展會名稱 展會時間 展會地點 閩旋展位號 備注
CHINAPLAS 2020國際橡塑展 2020年8月3日-6日 上海國家會展中心 1.1A121(1.1館) 因受新冠肺炎疫情影響,展會延期至2021年4月13日-16日
SNEC第十四屆(2020)國際太陽能光伏展 2020年8月8日-10日 上海新國際博覽中心 N5-121  
中國國際紡織機械展覽會暨ITMA亞洲展覽會 2020年10月15日-19日 上海國家會展中心 待定 因受新冠肺炎疫情影響,展會延期至2021年6月12日-16日
Note: The detailed content of the specific exhibition will be reported in detail at that time.

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